1. Remove lash from lash tray by gently pressing your thumb on the lash and pulling. Move your thumb along the lash while pulling gently to ensure there is no breakage or damage of the lash hairs
  2. Measure the lash against your lash line. If it needs to be trimmed, take some scissors and trim from the outer edge of the lash.
  3. Apply glue to the lash band and wait for it to get tacky (this may be a minute or so depending on what type of lash glue you are using.
  4. Using Lash Applicators, Tweezers or your fingers, gently place the lash (with tacky glue) on top of your lash line. It may help to have a mirror and look down while doing this. 
  5. While the glue is still tacky, ensure the lash is aligned perfectly with your own lash line and then wait to dry.
  6. Once you have finished wearing the lashes it is recommended to gently peel them off and clean them by removing the lash glue and using micellar water with a cotton tip for use until next time.